Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cymbals and Lobsters

This is our last week in Boston, which is great because we go to Queens next, but sad because we didn't get to the Sam Adams Brewery. Ah well. We did, however, go into the city one night to catch a showing of "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, which was hilarious. Yes, it was a bit of a chick flick, but the humor made up for that, as did the bloopers during the credits :-)

Something I don't think I've mentioned yet -
We've had to take the train in to work everyday, and in order to get to the train on really cold or windy days (like the day of steady 40 mph gusts we had a few days ago) I cut through the Westin next door, stop in the Starbucks, and continue on. The hotel is connected to the Boston Convention Center and is down the road from the World Trade Center, so needless to say, it is busy. This week, I happened upon a convention of marines(!!!). I'm not sure if it was what I was wearing or the way I was walking or what, but one of the marines saluted me and stopped for a split second as he passed by. Then when I smiled at him he told me to have a nice day. Is this some kind of military flirting or did he really mistake me for another marine? Either scenario would be hilarious, though I'm secretly hoping he thought I was a marine given my complete lack of physical stamina.

Cheese (sound guy we worked with at Ringling) came to the show on Sunday night as Jeremy might be going through the company he works for to rent the audio equipment for next year. I had already gone home for the day, but they went out to Dick's Last Resort afterward and had dinner.

Jeremy had Monday and Tuesday off, but I only had Tuesday because someone needs to man the office on Mondays "in case something happens." This past Monday, I signed up for and built my netflix cue and went to the replica of Cheers for lunch...but it's ok because Jeremy spent the entire day at Carmax (again) while they put weather stripping in the truck. The next day, we went to a mall to get him fitted for the tux for his brother's wedding and I picked up the chain to a necklace that I had sent out for repairs. After we got home, Jeremy went with the show drummer and Bello to tour the Zildjian factory. He got some great pictures, saw some really famous drum kits *ahem Ringo Starr* and got to test some of the cymbals. While has was playing one of the kits, a woman from Zildjian noticed him and after talking and listening to a clip of his band online, told him to take home the 2 cymbals he was testing and said that anytime he needs new ones to call her because she put him on a MINI ENDORSEMENT!! If that wasn't exciting enough, he then proceeded to sit next to the guitarist from White Snake at dinner. Man did I pick the wrong day to do laundry! Yesterday he went to a music store in town that he loves and picked up a new snare. To review, he came out with about 1500 bucks worth of equipment this week for about 300. Yay!

The highlight of my week came last night. We decided to go out for seafood (couldn't NOT do that in Boston) and seeing as that Qunicy Market on the harbor was closed for a private party, we ended up at the Legal Test Kitchen, a test restaurant for menu items that later end up at the Legal Seafood restaurants. It was DELICIOUS! I had a lobster roll with about 4 tails worth of meat inside with homemade chips and a brown sugar cucumber salad, Jeremy had truffled lobster mac and cheese, and we split a side of fried pickles with lemon aoli sauce and hot rolls with warm garlic bean dip. All of this for about 5 bucks an entree less than the regular Legal Seafood restaurants. As we were rolling out the door with our doggie bags, we found out we had been sitting next to the head of the Sam Adams brewery. Perfect way to end Boston, don't you think?

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