Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Things Never Change

As I sit writing this, I have that general malaise that goes along with living in NYC. It feels like a cross between pure exhaustion and being hung over while trying to muster up the energy to do the things you need to do and still have time to unwind after. Yup, I miss it, but I don't. I've been reminded of a lot of things this week - why I like NY, why I hate NY, but most importantly how thankful I am that I don't have to take the train/bus combo everywhere all the time anymore. We are staying just past Flushing in Queens which is a 45 minute bus/train ride to Times Square. It's not terrible, but when you leave the city at 11:30pm and don't get home til 12:30, it becomes a bit taxing (even more so when you *accidentally* stay out until 3:00am...oops...)I've definitely had a week full or reminders like that.

Sometime last weekend (the expanses of my memory are quickly shrinking) we met up with my friend Amy and had dinner at Saint and Sinners. It was awesome. We pulled up and started talking outside and quickly moved inside because of the noise from the 7 train above us (ha, forgot about that one). When we walked in, the bartender looked up at me and did a double-take. He then greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and the ever-endearing Irish "how the hell are ya" and "what the f*** are you doin here?!" My friend Nigel came in after the Mets game was over, as did the other bar owner, Ronan, who made his presence known by yanking on my pony tail. it got crowded quickly, so we left, but it was great to see everyone again! We went back the next week on a not-so-crowded night which felt more like "home." The locals (most of which are Irish men who have hit on my at least once but probably don't remember) were there along with Nigel and a group of transvestites (which is not so common) and us. Some things never change.

We went to the first game of the Mets/Phillies series on Tuesday night (which the Mets won) and on Wednesday saw Phantom of the Opera. The show was good overall though you can tell it was originally done in 1986 as some of the props and effects are really outdated and a bit disappointing. The chandelier was not as great as I thought it would be and someone in the design department needs to review the effect wind has on the properties of water based fog... but I digress.

A few trips to the Mr. Softee truck later, we went downtown a few times to meet more of my friends. One night we went to see Essau who's a bouncer at a bar in Times Square. Once we got to the bar Jeremy and I realized it was the same bar we were introduced in back in March of 2009 before we knew each other or I even thought about working for the circus. WEIRD. That week also happened to be Fleet Week. I think I was the only girl in Times Square more annoyed by the amount of people there than excited by all of the men in uniform. A few days later, Alice and Carl came in and I met them at the South Street Seaport. When Jeremy got off work he met us at Blockheads where we stayed the rest of the night drinking cheap margaritas and a drink we affectionately named the Mexican Trash Can. And another few nights later, we met my friend Katie at a diner with a singing waitstaff that seemed to be having an Abba medley night.

The show schedule has been really busy lately, so Jeremy and I haven't had any time off together. Instead, we've been taking trips into the city after work to get away from the circus. The only problem is that we've both been so tired lately that our options end up limited (as we found out when I fell asleep watching Shrek in the movie theatre). We did, however, make it out to an earlier showing of Get Him to the Greek which was HILARIOUS and made even better by a visit to Panera Bread for dinner :-)

We've packed up since then and moved further into the suburban abyss also known as Long Island...

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